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We aim to help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible. Everyone is different, leading varied lifestyles, with different priorities and targets. However, one thing that we all have in common, is that with the right personal training and nutritional advice we can all reach our targets.

Where the sessions take place

The King’s Club
Sessions that take place at the Club enable you and your trainer to use the Fitness Suite, the Strength and Conditioning Studio and, of course, Wimbledon Common should you decide to train outdoors.

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Personal Trainer

Personal Training at The King's Club


Commitment and dedication are the key to success

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I am an experienced and fully qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer, I also teach many of the group exercise classes at the King’s Club with great success. All sessions I deliver are full of energy as I thrive off people having fun and doing exercise, be it one-to-one or in a group.

My clients are from all backgrounds, abilities and ages, which gives me a good experience of many different training methods. In personal training there is no such thing as one fits all. Every session is tailored to your needs and goals. Not only do I have proven results with my previous clients, but I also have regular clients coming to their weekly training sessions to keep improving and staying fit for a few years.

I have an easy going personality and I train all my clients with passion and confidence.

Currently I am also training to become a massage therapist, which gives me and even more in-depth knowledge in anatomy and physiology and the effects of exercise in the body. This can enhance your PT sessions and results.

Areas of expertise:

Pre- and Post- Natal exercise
Weight loss – proven results included in nutritional advice
Rehabilitation work
Core stability and strength training
Increase lean muscle mass and toning
Exercise (GP) referral – special medical conditions
Improving cardiovascular fitness – running coach

Personal Trainer

Personal Training at The King's Club


Believe in your Potential

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As a Basketball player and coach with over 15 years of experience I understand what it takes to set realistic and reachable goals in order to achieve high standards of play. As a Personal Trainer I have developed my own skills in order to achieve my own goals and I can assure you that with time and dedication your efforts will be rewarded with results. My sessions are a combination of physical and mental strength.


1 to 1 Personal Training
Functional Training
Group Training
Weight Loss
Muscle Building
Sports Event Prep
Junior PT
Strength & Conditioning
Nutritional Advice

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